Larry Jolly attended Soarist Open 2007

Pike Perfect 2,4

Congratulations to our friends at Samba for jumping in and modifying the lay-up for the Pike Perfect Fuselage to make it 2.4 Ghz friendly. Here in the states 2.4Ghz Spread Spectrum is becoming universally accepted. The Perfect fuselage is of conventional fabrication except that the nose and canopy are made from non-carbon materials. Spread Spectrum Systems utilize 2 receivers for maximum performance. The main receiver is placed in the normal position behind the battery in front of the servo tray. In this position the antennas run fore and aft in line with the fuselage. In my installation the Auxiliary Receiver is placed on its back behind the servos with the antennas running along the span of the wing. Mine is an SL fuselage so I do not have a ballast tube to contend with. If you had a fuselage with ballast tube you could place the Ax unit under the servo plate in the same orientation, or even behind the Rudder servo as I did for testing. The idea was to get both receivers in front of the wing, with 7 cm separation, to provide maximum carbon free exposure for the system. I am very happy to have helped the Samba Team with this project it has worked flawlessly with good range since testing began. The new fuselage is a huge success and should be available for order now! Using the new fuselage the Antennas are completely inside the fuselage, no holes or cat whiskers. The fuselage should work well with other 2.4 systems as well. 

Best Regards Larry Jolly


May 2008

Fuses for 2.4 GHz as suggested by Larry Jolly has proven good and many satisfied pilots already use these fuses. Double World Champion David Hobby from Australia will fly with this version at coming WC 2008 in Turkey. his model can be seen on the pictures.
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