Pike Perfect P P. E T. S T. S L. T C  released    -    Pike Perfect ET released     -      Pike Perfect and Philip Kolb wins Eurotour F3J 2008     -     Pike Perfect released! Perfect design by Philip Kolb.David Hobby from Autralia wins the World Championship two times in a row!! Congrats!

Latest news:

New Pike Perfect released!

1st usage of 8 servos in the wing
  - total controll wing- 4 flaps and 4 ailerons - for better control
  - A chinese research and development department familiar to samba
    has already done great work with a foam prototype in the last year. '
    It proved all the calculations based on the "total control plane" right
    and efficient in numerous tests!" Picture
  - The 8 servo wing and the new gap free adjustable fuselage nose
    droop break barriers in means of control. With this new adjustable
    nose droop it is possible to minimize fuselage drag according to
    the angle of attack. That means for each Cl-Value the fuselage nose
    is adjustd optimal to the streamlines!!!
2nd we start producing only blue fuselages
  - electrically conducted titanium will be mixed in epoxy and paint.
  - It will improve the stiffness and hardness of the fuselage
3rd moving nose - similar to concorde
  - that allows to hang the nose. This will help to exact landings when
     the classification is that strict according new rules

The name of this version is PP. ET. ST. SL. TC
"Pike Perfect Extended Tips Spread Tow Super Light Total Controll ..."
Released pictures as of this moment:

The new electrically conducted titan fuse.

A training session in Czech Republic has now been undertaken and it shows advanced improvement in launching, turning and landing pattern.

Workers and staff checking surface interaction.
All linkages are hidden as DDS (not like RDS)*

New wing is mirror surface and all linkages DDS.

Showing the extreme possibilities of the DDS couplings.

Close up view.

All panels interact as proven.


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